Dentures are devices used to fill in the gaps created by missing teeth. Missing teeth are common among adults and elderly people, and can be caused by various things such as decay, periodontal disease, inadequate oral hygiene, or accidents caused by sport or other injury.Dentures are used to restore the function of your jaw, and your appearance. Dentia will examine your jaw and any remaining teeth, and discuss restoration options with you.

Why should I wear dentures?

Full dentures, to replace all your own teeth, fit snugly over your gums. They will help you to eat comfortably and speak clearly, and will improve your confidence and self-esteem. Partial dentures replace teeth that are missing, and can sometimes be supported by the teeth you have left. If you have gaps between your teeth, then your other teeth may move to take up some of the space, so you could end up with crooked or tilted teeth. This could affect the way you bite and could damage your other teeth.

Are dentures the right treatment for me?

Depending on the severity of your case, Dentia will either create partial dentures in the case of only a few missing teeth, or complete dentures to replace a full set of missing teeth. Dentures are removable and easy to clean. The false teeth will discolour like regular teeth, so proper dental care at home and regular check-ups will be necessary to adequately take care of your dentures.

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